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We are an important player within the video game industry in Spain. We are currently an official Playstation Talent Partner offering these talented studios the latest in technology, HP workstations, and motion capture and facial capture hardware.

What do we do?

We provide the best solutions and support the industry from an early stage, providing video game projects both at the software and hardware level with a product of excellence: powerful processors, graphics cards, memory and, ultimately, powerful workstations that fit the developer budgets, always with quality and professional guarantee.


The studios attached to the PlayStation Games Camp will receive a series of grants for the development of their projects throughout the network of six work centers located between Madrid, L’Hospitalet - Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga, Bilbao and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

HP Zbook

Within this agreement, we will make available to participants units of the latest Z2 Desktop model with two Z Display screens and HP Zbook laptops spread across the six centers of the program.

We promote national talent

PlayStation Talents, HP and Tangram Solutions join forces to boost national talent in the video game sector, contributing to the training and support of future professionals, as well as promoting entrepreneurship in the digital sector.

Z2 Desktop with two Z Display screens

These computers feature state-of-the-art Intel Core X processors and NVIDIA RTX graphics cards optimized to deliver stable performance with professional applications. In addition, they are devices designed to withstand large workloads, specially designed to run heavy files, engineering programs, 3D animation, video editors or design. And now you can get those equipments in our online store.

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