At Tangram Solutions we not only offer the best hardware and software for each production, but also the knowledge necessary to successfully approach it through consulting and advising, maintenance and personalized training services designed for each type of audio visual company and professional.


Technological advances, both in hardware and software are unstoppable and require a continuous effort to keep current. To facilitate this, Tangram Solutions offers its clients an integral consulting service to guarantee the success of their audio visual projects, whatever its breadth and needs, thanks to the our teams’ experience. During the advisory process, we will learn first-hand what your production needs are and will identify any area for improvement. Always offering the best solution for each situation.


Problems form a part of the daily routine in production, which is why it is important to have adequate technical support to resolve any incident as quickly as possible. At Tangram Solutions we offer different tailor made maintenance solutions and support.

Tailor made solutions

To perform this type of maintenance, along with the client all of the technical necessities that must be covered will be analyzed: operating hours, work flow organization, availability of refreshing for immediate updates, etc. The tailor made maintenance that Tangram Solutions develops is considered by our clients to be the best 24×7 technical support among Professional Video Distributors.

On-site support

On-site support is the most solicited by our clients. This type of maintenance is a variety of more personalized support, where we consider the preventative measures to be carried out periodically to guarantee optimum performance of the equipment and installations. This includes travel to the client’s offices at no extra charge, within the Community of Madrid, with unlimited Telephone Support of the Tangram Solutions technical personnel during business hours.

Support Line

This is the most basic support we offer. It includes technical assistance in two ways: communication by email and telephone calls to our technical department, strictly during business hours. The personnel in the technical area of Tangram Solutions will rapidly respond to resolve your incidents in the least time possible, since we understand that the “time” factor is extremely valuable.


Accustomed to updates every 12 or 18 months, with the new types of licenses by subscription, companies now present their software (and hardware) updates every few months, thereby proportionally increasing the need for updated knowledge and training.

Update courses

Tangram Solutions offers, for all professionals and companies that need to update their knowledge of the new tools that appear in an industry that is becoming more dynamic, personalized update courses to insure that everyone is knowledgeable about the latest releases in the shortest time possible. Courses of short duration (in packs of hours), that will be developed especially as a function of your needs. They are taught in our offices, as well as in our collaborator’s audiovisual training spaces.

Master classes

This type of training tends to given by highly recognized professionals in the audiovisual industry, being held in different locations within the country. The duration of the Master classes at Tangram Solutions ranges from half day to full day sessions, depending on the content and requirements.

In Company Training

The principal characteristic the differentiates this type of training is that our training team travels to the client’s offices for greater comfort and better time management. This type of training can be developed in two formats: With the manufacturer’s official certification, whose requirements are determined by the brand (not available for all products) or with tailor made training according to the client’s needs.