MAM, cataloging and automation

Content creation and storage needs are on the rise. But, what happens when you don’t worry about cataloging and automating your content? Right: Chaos will soon appear

Not having a cataloging system can become a real problem when you generate large amounts of data in your projects. With Tangram Solutions, you will access the most appropriate tools for the intelligent management of your materials so that you can easily find them when you need them and you can automate the heavy tasks of protecting them or transcoding and shipping to your customers.

When you generate large amounts of data and multimedia files, each day, not having a system for cataloging multimedia resources can become a real problem. Streamline your searches with MAM (Media Asset Management) solutions.

Tangram Solutions MAM, cataloging and automation


Cantemo provides a solution to the problems of cataloging digital media. Simplifying the processes of multimedia resource management with Cantemo Portal.
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Tangram Solutions MAM, cataloging and automation


With FORK MAM you will be able to manage your multimedia resources dynamically, thanks to the smart folders that access the metadata of the files.
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