Are you ready for a data loss?

Nowadays, disks are getting bigger and therefore we can store more information in less space, so being careful is worth two. Breakdowns and accidents happen and can cause a loss of important materials that we cannot afford.

Keep your data safe and save trouble with a good backup or file solution. Backup and archive tasks that with a small robot can be performed automatically without bothering us, protecting hundreds of terabytes of information without us realizing it. Minimize risks and make everything compatible with your MAM, SAN and NAS system.



Quantum offers a powerful and agile system to protect and access your data in the long term. Solving common problems in data migration.
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With Archiware P5 Software Suite you simplify and speed up the programming of backup and archive tasks, without sacrificing control in all processes.
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In addition to working with the main brands, with StoreData we have StoreData SHARC systems with an excellent reliability - price ratio
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Tangram Solutions Backup


The hidden tool of the greats. Mac production and post production workflow. Quick backups and verification of cards and camera units. Create full disk and card reports. Organize your content and create pdf reports with metadata for your team. And the possibility of using LTO tapes.
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