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Virtual reality has always allowed us to approach a fictional world and mix it with reality, but now we can enter it. Thanks to the evolution of this technology, we can make productions in real time, even with raytracing, and mix reality and fiction in the same project environment. The power of the new motion and data capture systems joins our systems so that virtual characters, avatars and actors, interact on the same stage.

In addition, this revolution does not come only when it comes to producing, but we can also enjoy it through the glasses and backpacks that give us complete autonomy, allowing you to walk freely through virtual scenarios, without restrictions, and interact with the environment.

Tangram as a technology partner provides the latest Virtual Reality solutions such as glasses or HP backpacks for total immersion in VR in the video game  or industry sector.

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Augmented reality.

We have been betting for a long time on the change of production in AR and VR. In order to show its full potential and how to get the most out of markets such as broadcast, shows, esports … if you are interested in seeing how to change the way we work, we have a small set in our offices where we work doing a lot of R&D + i.


Mix of simplicity and precision in this camera tracking device for TV and movie studios. Easy to use, does not require recalibration, works with any camera and is based on infrared led light working both outdoors and indoors. The new traking standard for virtual sets.


Technologies like Virtual Reality require high technical knowledge, but they also offer new ways and business models that must be explored. At Tangram Solutions we are committed to new technologies to increase the productivity and competitiveness of our clients.

Tangram Solutions AR VR
Tangram Solutions AR VR


Mo-Sys VP Pro is the complete solution for virtual production, creating content for live broadcast, film VFX, XR, and e-sports. With a full suite of creative tools which embed directly in the real-time graphics engine, Mo-Sys VP Pro enhances productions using augmented graphics, virtual sets and mixed reality.
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With Autodesk Maya or Autodesk 3ds Max you can create your own VR environments and integrate them into video game engines such as Unreal Engine or Unity making augmented reality easier.
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