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Few words about us

We are professionals in the front line of the media industry, designing the best solution for each project. We not only sell, we create business opportunities and brainstorming spaces. It is a wonderful puzzle, different for each case, for each production, for each customer.

As the exclusive distributor of Autodesk Shotgun in Spain, choosing Tangram Solutions offers you direct support to implement and optimize Shotgun in your production pipeline with the maximum guarantees of our Autodesk certified specialists. With the added value of our extensive experience in the development of VFX and animation production pipelines.

Hardware y software

We provide an after sales and maintenance service for both software and hardware, as well in the technical point of view as in the applications performance or configuration.

After sales and maintenance

We provide an after-sales service and maintenance of both software and hardware, either at the technical level or the operation of the applications or possible deconfigurations thereof.

Technical training

We offer personalized technical training for our customer’s employees or their collaborators, whether at the customer's facilities, in our offices or in previously arranged centers.


Our goal as a media company is to become a national reference for high performance projects and technical funcionality. We intend to keep providing our customers the most up-to-date solutions.


We have been in the marketplace for more than ten years, always rising, as Tangram is a lively, young and dynamic company that has always provided its customers what they were looking for: solutions.

Technical support

Problems are part of the daily routine of a production, so it is important to have adequate technical support to solve any incident in the shortest possible time. At Tangram Solutions we offer you different customized maintenance and support solutions.

Line support

In situ support

Custom support

How we care about our customers

Personalized management, where the client feels heard, understood and cared for.
We try to find out who is behind each team, what he or she needs individually and how it will be used, in order to be able to give at every moment only and exclusively what it is really needed. No more no less.
It is of fundamental importance for us that the customers feel that we have given back the best value for their money. For this reason, we seek transparency in our communication.

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